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From the Daily Union's Letters to the Editor

Fort’s hidden gem: Haumerson’s Pond
Editor, Daily Union: We have three grandchildren from
Missoula, Mont., who attend Luther Prep in Watertown.
This is a high school boarding school, where kids from all
over the nation and world attend.
Our grandkids, who love outdoor activities, ski all the
time, and because there has not been much snow this
winter, our grandkids and their school friends have enjoyed
Haumerson’s Pond numerous times the last two
months. There have been Prep kids at the pond at various
weekends from various parts of country: Florida,
Texas, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, North Carolina, and
They marveled about skating on a pond, as they only
had skated on indoor or outdoor rinks. The ice was in
perfect condition, the warminghouse reminded them of
remote ski resorts in Montana, the people “manning” the
fireplace were very friendly and informative, and 2 Rivers
Bicycle and Outdoor was kind and helpful.
Bob grew up in Fort Atkinson, tells stories of going to
Haumerson’s Pond, went to St. Paul’s grade school and
would even go to the pond during recess, and remembers
classmates that fell in and had water up to their
hips, came back to class and sat in dripping pants for the
rest of the day.
We have small grandchildren, under six years old, who
live in Fort and also go to the pond and love it as well.
We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation
to all who have been involved in this restoration and
maintenance of Haumerson’s Pond. Fort Atkinson truly
has a valuable “gem” in this historical landmark. — Our
sincere appreciation, Betty and Bob Cloute, Fort Atkinson.
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Ice conditions at Haumersons are skate at your own risk!!!!😪😪 There may be some good ice in the middle of the pond but in an attempt to get there you will get wet. I think we are done for this year unless we get a very cold snap. Doubtful

Was outside for a walk this morning and a large flock of Sandhill Cranes flew over. A sure sign of spring ebbing around the corner. I am not sure if I am ready to take my skates out of the truck yet. Has been such a great season to skate at the inaugural year for the warming shack . I hate to see winter go! ... See MoreSee Less


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It was a good run! Maybe just maybe a few more days to skate. Now I guess is a good time to look back and see that yes it was all worth the time and effort put in by everyone that has helped this dream become a reality. To thank all of those who came out to skate in some fairly cold temps to enjoy the Pond and all the activities it has brought to the community of Fort Atkinson for people to get outside and enjoy some great outdoor winter activities. Stay Calm And Skate, Ski and Hike On!

The Sandhill Cranes are more a harbinger of spring than the Robin.

From the Daily Union's letters to the Editor

Haumerson’s Pond a real gem

Editor, Daily Union: What a gem! Last Saturday’s open
skate and ski/walk through the trails was fabulous.
What was more memorable were the hundreds of
people flocking to the event, laughing and enjoying the
winter event. Families with little kids and grandparents
skated and played and warmed by the indoor or outdoor
Haumerson’s Pond is back and here to stay. The warming
shelter is a great addition to our city’s park system
and to the vitality of our city.
Thanks to the volunteers who’ve contributed energy
and money to the structure. Your dreams and goals have
been met. Well done! — Jude Hartwick, proud Fort Atkinson
resident and city councilman.
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Having my kids there on Saturday participating and skating , then playing Ice Stock with my husband & fiends in community that evening was sheer Joy! You stated it perfectly Jude, “your dreams and goals have been met”. Haumersons Pond is a call to the great outdoors and right in our own backyard.

My husband and I have been together for 23 years. Last Saturday, we enjoyed our first candlelight hike. Thank you, for building memories!!!

We pulled the barricades that protect skaters from poor ice today due to the weather. It is pretty obvious that our skating season is getting threatened. There are some very poor areas of ice already showing due to the recent rain and warmer weather. Please keep
Off the ice. We will see what Mother Nature throws our way after this storm passes by . Think winter!!!!
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Julius Bindrim

1 month ago


Ice Stock ... See MoreSee Less

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This looks fun!!

Sending Kentucky love to our Wisconsin family! Enjoy your night!!! 💕😘🤗

Dick Emmerich Ice Carver Extraordinaire ... See MoreSee Less

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Jeanne Wilbur

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Super Job Guys

Let's get hockey here in Jefferson county!

Under the weather.. taking some down time. Thanks for sharing.

What an asset this is for the community. Thank you to all who had/have a hand in this.

Great job!

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❄️Ice stock sport, also known as Bavarian Hurling, was featured in the Winter Olympic Games demonstration programme in 1936 and 1964. Tonite we begin to make Ice Stock Olympic worthy once again! See you @ the Pond. ❄️ ... See MoreSee Less

❄️Ice stock sport, also known as Bavarian Hurling, was featured in the Winter Olympic Games demonstration programme in 1936 and 1964.  Tonite we begin to make Ice Stock Olympic worthy once again! See you @ the Pond. ❄️

Wisconsinites are some of the most hearty people. We find no reason not to get out and enjoy winter. This young mom makes me very proud!! ... See MoreSee Less

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A new Olympic sport, stroller skating! No jumps required!

This is so cool!

That is fabulous!

1 month ago


With temperatures dropped and chance of snow today looks like we are set for a wonderful event. The Ice is ready. See you tonite!

Ski, Hike, Skate EventFeb 17, 6:00pmHaumerson's Pond🤞for winter wonderland weather!

Winter Gathering take Two!

Ice-skating, skiing, drinking hot coco by the bonfire, & singing can’t wait to see you there!

Thank You to all of our sponsors for their support for this event.

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Ski, Hike, Skate Event
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